Features You Want.

Our goal is to provide you with a secure, private, Internet connection from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. We are 100% US Based, 100% Private, and 100% on your side.  We NEVER log your traffic. We NEVER sell or compromise your data. We ONLY provide you with the fastest, most secure VPN service in the world.

Why NetsanityVPN?

No App Required

Nothing to download. Nothing to install. Therefore, nothing to track you. Revolutionary!

No Logging or Activity Tracking

We want to provide one of the only truly private browsing experiences. We stand by "Zero Logging".

6+ Years Building Network

We have been providing families with secure and protected Internet access for over 6 years. Our experience and passion are what make NetsantiyVPN an excellent choice.

USA Based

Don't want to give your data and browsing activity to China? Good call. We are US Based only.

Mutliple VPN Server Points

No matter where you are, enjoy fast error free browsing. Our service is designed for your mobile device. Browse freely wherever you may roam.

Unlimited Bandwidth

FOUNDING CUSTOMERS ONLY! Claim your account now and get special introductory pricing locked in along with Unlimited bandwidth.


"I finally feel like my browsing is actually private. Great service."